1.What’s the minimum order quantity ?

The minimum order quantity is $1000( US dollar).

2.What are the shipping methods ?

We have two shipping methods, air cargo or international delivery(DHL or EMS). Air cargo is cheaper, faster and safer compared with international delivery, we recommend you choosing air cargo especially your order is above $2000. The only disadvantage of air cargo is you need to clear the customs and pick up the cargo at your airport or ask a local logistics agent to help you do that.

3.How soon will I get my succulents ?

After your payment, the cargo will be shipped out about one week, if you choose air cargo, normally takes 2-3 days, even just several hours if there’s direct flight. For international delivery, such as DHL or EMS, it usually takes 5-15 days depending on your location.

4.The succulents will be shipped with pots or not ?

Due to the regulation, all the succulents will be shipped with bare roots and roots will be washed clear of soil.

5.What if the succulents are damaged or rotten when I received them?

Please send us the pictures of the damaged ones as a prove within 3 days after you’ve received them, we’ll resend them for free in your next order or simply refund you according to your requirement.

6.Can I get a discount ?

For orders below $3000, we are unable to offer any discount, if you expect to place a big order, please contact us.